SC Bass Extender & Subwoofers

Our subwoofers and bass extension provide unrivalled performance thanks to unique and patented technologies.

Our range of sensor controlled subs can recreate frequencies as low as 25Hz with stunning accuracy, and the proprietary CODA tech means a cleaner low-end with velocity sensors to eliminate distortion and perfectly optimise the sound. We believe the  low end should be approached with the same detail, sophistication, and precision as all other frequencies.

Our bass extenders also provide flexibility with our line arrays, and allow you to configure a system to your exact specifications, matching subs with any of the speakers in our line array family with spectacular results.


Dual 15″ Bass Extension with SC Technology for AiRAY, CiRAY, and

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Incredible punch, clarity, and control, all the way down to 35 Hz. The SC2-F is a sensor controlled bass extension system operating in the range of 35 – 200 Hz which overlaps both the low range of the line arrays and the SCV/SCP subwoofers providing more energy in the low end of the system.

Dual 15” drivers in a compact, vented enclosure provide a distinctive signature punch to the system.

The accurate control in the low end comes from an integrated velocity sensor that measures the diaphragm movement in real time, compares it with the input audio signal and adjusts the amplifier driving voltage and/or current, correcting any driver inaccuracy.

The SC2-F is self-optimising, precisely and accurately reproducing the original audio signal. The key advantage is an extended and controlled response. Avoid any distortion, which CODA technology can solve before it has the chance to cause an issue, eliminating an age old issue for venues and audio engineers. The SC2-F has measurable improvements in impulse response, group delay, waterfall and the distortion domain. Audio quality that surpasses port loaded systems.

The SC2-F’s comparator brings Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) down by a stunning level of 80-90%, reducing your need to use an equaliser or high pass filters.

The 4” voice coil is 36 mm high, ensuring ultra linear excursion of 26 mm/pp at consistent magnetic force. State-of-the-art carbon fibre cones ensure maximum stiffness and low moving mass.

The SC2-F also addresses intermodulation distortion, minimising induction variation whilst
reducing thermal compression. This design reduces dramatically the distortion of a typical subwoofer
at longer excursion levels, and improves the overall sound quality and performance characteristics
of the cabinet. The sensor is in fact an additional voice coil connected to the loudspeakers voice coil in a high precision, magnetically shielded system.

Compatible with our line array speakers, with a mix and match functionality. Maintaining an integrated solution ensures optimal performance and protection. The SC2-F is designed to work exclusively with dedicated CODA Audio amplifier racks, your solution for DSP and sensor control, amplification, network remote control and diagnostic.


Compact 18″ Sensor Controlled Subwoofer

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The SCV-F is another compact option for those who are looking for the same low end punch and clarity on an even smaller scale than the SC2-F and SCP-F units.

With a single high excursion neodymium woofer as opposed to the SCP-F’s paired woofers, the SCV-F provides a rich bass extension with an even more portable and stackable design. Just like its sibling product, it works in cardioid or omni-directional mode, with a completely flat response down to 25 Hz (-6 dB), and minimal distortion. The same ‘velocity sensor’ within its 18” driver provides the control you need in the low end with tailored adjustments to help the diaphragm move even more accurately, giving an unrivalled low level of THD, as the comparator brings Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) down by level of 80-90%. SCV-F is the perfect subwoofer for CODA’s line array systems if you need a more compact solution than the SCP-F.


High Output Dual 18” Subwoofer with SC Technology

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Extend the audio down to 25 Hz with time-aligned sound and precise, controlled power.

The SCP-F subwoofers are sensor controlled, putting them ahead of the field from the offset. They are capable of delivering measurable and audible advantages in impulse response, group delay, waterfall, and the distortion domain.

Enjoy a powerful yet musical low end, with sonic qualities that go way beyond any conventional port loaded system. Between 25 and 100 Hz, the audio is time aligned, and the group delay increases slightly in the 25-35 Hz range, providing sonic accuracy.

At the core of SCP-F (which works in cardioid or omni-directional mode) are very efficient, high output double 18” long neodymium excursion woofers, which provide a completely flat response down to 25 Hz (-6 dB), and minimise distortion.

Then, as with all CODA products, comes the unique driver capabilities.

SCP-F has a built in ‘velocity sensor’ within its 18” driver, which measures the exact movement of the voice coil by sending information over XLR cable to the comparator about velocity, excursion, and speed of the voice coil itself. In turn, the comparator then compares the original input signal to the movement measurement from the ‘velocity sensor’, and adjusts the amplifier driving voltage and/or current, so the diaphragm can move the way it is meant to move.

The comparator brings Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) down by an unbelievable level of 80-90%, which means this speaker can be modified without any equaliser or high pass filters: the comparator not only compensates for the nonlinearities of the speaker, but the frequency response as well.

SCP-F is the perfect Subwoofer for CODA’s line array systems, suitable for any venue you can imagine. SCP-F has been designed to work exclusively with CODA Audio LINUS Loudspeaker Management Amplifiers as an integrated solution for DSP, amplification, network remote control, optimal performance, protection, as well as extensive possibilities for system tuning and monitoring.

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