Line Array Speakers

ViRAY, CiRAY, AiRAY Series

Same Family, New Member

In 2023, the AiRAY and ViRAY family of line arrays welcome their newest member; CiRAY, providing even more flexibility and deployment options.

CiRAY builds upon the revolutionary speakers that came before. First, we pushed the boundaries of what was possible with ViRAY, before creating the innovative AiRAY speakers. Now, there’s a new model, providing even more versatility and convenience.

We call our VCA line arrays a family. They’re made from the same handmade CODA DNA, and they work as a unit in whatever configuration you require while still being sonically superior to anything else on the market.

Our innovations mean that the speakers not only work together flexibly and coherently, they are also much more cost-effective and accurate than the competition.

All of the benefits we can offer are down to the unique technologies within, DDP, DAC, Couplers, and DS-FIR for unrivalled phase response, regardless of your chosen deployment, plus have the tightest and cleanest low-end on the market thanks to our patented sensor control technologies.

The CiRAY Speaker Stack by Coda Audio

Illlustration showing horizontal directivity using different couplers

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Whether it’s an arena, a stadium, a festival, a theatre, or any other setting, you can mix and match the VCA family, including a range of bass extensions and subwoofers, to suit the task at hand. Audiences from 200 up to 50,000 can all be perfectly catered for using one family of speakers. Being more compact, our speakers also save on space in the truck and are lightweight and simple to set up.

These speakers are totally configurable and interchangeable. Unlike other bespoke systems which are fixed format, the ViRAY, AiRAY, and CiRAY family is an ecosystem, built to give you more control. Further flexibility in the VCA family comes from variable horizontal coverage provided by our unique coupler design, allowing you to tailor the coverage perfectly to your venue and audience and control the direction of sound.

The speakers have all been optimised to be driven by our LINUS amplifiers and can also be paired with SCV-F, SC2-F, and SCP-F for an even more impactful low end.

CODA’s innovative design strips away the complications of fixed formats. All of these speakers hang together and boast the same form factor to fit within the frame. No more worrying about hardware or wasting time working out how you’re going to fly or stack your systems. CODA’s systems can be set up for the throw you need at any venue or outdoor event, retaining crystal clarity and full spectrum frequency response in the process. The VCA family is also designed with a range of accessories to transport and protect your system including ground-stack adaptors and durable covers. There are dollies available, plus LIDs cleverly allow you to stack on top to achieve a much tighter truck pack.

Speaker setups often come with compromise. Many of the speakers on the market used for live applications overlap in their frequency response, or worse, leave gaps. CODA’s line arrays are full-range speakers providing elite performance for every genre, every sound, and every detail. This is true whatever configuration of speakers you decide to use.

Interchangeable Units,
One Cohesive System

The units within the audio system may be unique, but they align physically, electronically, and acoustically. Your system can be deployed in a cardioid or long throw setup, and different combinations of the family can provide the same sonic quality and unbelievable power.

This means that however the VCA line arrays are used, you can expect the same stunning results.

llustration showing flexibility and compatibility of two different Line Arrays.


Our flagship high output system. AiRAY has continued to reliably serve customers with the advanced and patented CODA technologies that make AiRAY the perfect companion for a wide range of uses.

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AiRAY speakers are part of our family of line array speakers, along with CiRAY and ViRAY. You can mix and match speakers seamlessly and perfect the sound for any venue using System Optimiser prediction software.

It is also straightforward to increase the low end with SC2, SCP/SCP-F or SCV-F units and ensure even more power and detail in the bass frequencies.

Crystal clear sound, unrivalled power, and the convenience of being able to configure your system without the restraints of a fixed format system. This means spectacular flexibility, and that speakers spend more time on the road doing their job, rather than sitting in a warehouse.

AiRAY is a dual 12”, 3-way high output system, featuring double 12” neodymium cone drivers with 4” coils. The speakers offer accuracy and power across all frequencies from 50 Hz (extendable down to 25 Hz) all the way up to 22 KHz.

Simplify setup with a three-point rigging system. Flown or ground stacked deployment are equally straightforward. Sharing the same form factor as all the other speakers in the line array range, AiRAY, ViRAY, and CiRAY can be flown together.

Our advanced technologies allow us to reduce the size and weight of the speakers while retaining elite quality, power, and coverage. The space-saving of our system makes the AiRAY more environmentally-friendly, and easier to set up and tear down.

On top of our uncompromising approach to sound, the cutting-edge technologies you’ve come to expect from CODA are all built into the system, including the DDP Drivers that provide exceptional fidelity, sensitivity, and frequency response.

Our unique AiCOUPLER helps to provide more control, achieve an incredibly balanced sound, and achieve a uniform wavefront. Couplers help to provide a wider coverage than other line arrays on the market and reduce the need for outfills.

Peace of mind with both water protection and spectacular durability, provided by the Multiplex enclosure with Polyurea coating. Experience the power of a large system with an incredibly compact and efficient design, along with crystal clarity thanks to patented CODA tech. When it comes to large reinforcement systems, AiRAY changes the game.

The AiRAY Speaker by Coda Audio
The CiRAY Speaker by Coda Audio


The latest innovation and addition to the family, with the same VCA DNA and compact portability, with a range of applications, plus even more advanced patented technologies.

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CiRAY is a 3-way symmetrical line array module, which can be combined with other members of the family, plus CODA Audio amplifier racks. You can boost the low end with SCP/SCP-F, SCV-F subs or SC2-F bass extension.

CiRAY includes 1 x 10” DDP Wave Driver, plus 2 x 10” neodymium ultra-low distortion cone drivers. CiRAY offers accuracy and power across all frequencies from 50 Hz (extendable down to 25 Hz) all the way up to 22 KHz.

We set out to make a smaller and more powerful box, and the solution to this is our patented DAC technology, which allows smaller drivers that are designed in a way that dramatically improves cooling and heat dissipation, doubling the power handling and the maximum SPL capability compared to a conventionally cooled system and allowing us to make even more compact speakers while avoiding power compression but retaining signature CODA power and clarity.

Further new technology in CiRAY includes a quick-release grille and Instafit magnetic coupler, putting even more control over dispersion at your fingertips. The integrated three-point rigging system allows quick and easy flying or ground stacking, and the horizontal coverage is variable allowing you to easily choose the perfect coverage for your venue.

CiRAY is designed to use fewer amplifier channels for even more convenience and simple setup. For special applications and requirements, the CiRAY systems can be extended with the SC2, SCP/SCP-F, or SCV-F units.

As well as DAC technology, CiRAY systems incorporate CODA’s most advanced technologies, including the DDP driver, CODA’s proprietary coupler technology.

Like all of the VCA family, this is perfect for a variety of applications including installation and touring, and venues with varying capacities, from houses of worship to gig venues, conference centres to nightclubs. CiRAY shares the same form factor and works in perfect harmony with ViRAY and AiRAY speakers. This means simple tailoring of your system, and mixing and matching to suit your specific needs, retaining the highest possible audio clarity.


ViRAY is an innovative product that was the first in this series. ViRAY makes no compromises when it comes to audio clarity and power, yet still manages to provide a compact solution for mobile as well as fixed installations.

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Sound that exceeds expectations and preconceptions, plus groundbreaking CODA technologies included in every speaker providing pinpoint sound and exceptional phase-linearity.

ViRAY is a compact 3-way symmetrical line array module including unique 8″ Coaxial DDP mid/high planar wave driver, and dual 8″ neodymium ultra low distortion cone drivers.

The ViRAY line array system includes the ViRAY 3-way symmetrical line array module for pinpoint accurate mids and highs. Our innovations mean power that would previously have been unthinkable from such a compact system, provided by the innovative neodymium drivers. Limitless live sound possibilities.

Twin with the SC2, SCP/SCP-F or SCV-F units for tight and controlled low-end, and dedicated CODA amplifier racks to unlock the potential of your speakers, plus mix and match with AiRAY and CiRAY line arrays.

An elegant solution for theatres, live sound performance venues, clubs, houses of worship, and corporate events, plus many more fixed installations. The ViRAY system is also an exceptional touring partner.

Setup is simple. With an integrated rigging system, ViRAY can be easily ground-stacked or flown, and installed in curved designs to give you exceptional, full coverage. You can even calculate the perfect setup for every application using CODA System Optimiser simulation software, with precise control and mapping of any space. Build the perfect audio experience for your venue.

For special applications requiring next-level power and bass, ViRAY systems can be extended with the SCP sensor controlled double 18” subwoofer or SC2-F bass extension.

The ViRAY Speaker by Coda Audio
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